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Benefits of a Hosted Applicant Tracking Solution

Signing on to the right applicant tracking service is an important first step to take when building an effective hiring strategy. While employers are finding that the cost of a hosted solution is relatively low, more businesses than ever are using applicant tracking services to gain an edge in the ever-changing field of talent recruitment. One reason for the popularity of hosted applicant tracking is found in the impressive results it delivers. Not only are workforce gaps being rapidly filled, but the caliber of employee quality is increasing. Furthermore, employers all over can now rely upon these highly responsive systems to accommodate unforeseen events in the recruitment process. For companies of all sizes, an applicant tracking service can help to ensure a comprehensive approach to seeking the best talent available.

Criteria for evaluating Applicant Tracking Software

Applicant tracking is essentially a database management application. The software is required to maintain an applicant database and job openings. How that information is manipulated is where the differences in software begin. We will examine the different software for tracking potential employees and make sense of the different applicant tracking solutions out there.

Functions of an Applicant Tracking System
OCR Resume Scanning
Although the resume submission process is increasingly being automated via online services, for a great many businesses that is not an option. Optical Character Recognition is the ideal way to scan a document into the database and make the information usable. In today’s competitive job market it is crucial to have access to the most recent data. OCR Resume Scanning is crucial to the process. Make sure your software program includes this feature.

Interview Scheduling
An integrated interview scheduler is essential within a tracking solution. Every part of a tracking system should feed information to the other part. Integrating the scheduler allows that data to flow into the next step of the hiring process or not. The smooth functioning of the hiring process is assured when the applicant tracking modules can communicate with each other.

It is important to be able to at a glance be aware of how well the recruiting campaigns are doing for effective oversight. Statistical capability is an important feature. With this module you will be able to track how many applicants have applied, then break that down into more granular views to find out what are your most effective sources of leads, etc.

Automated Communication
Automating the communication between applicant and employer is highly important. This includes not only the letter itself, but mailing labels as well. The ability to communicate by email is also handy.

These are all essential ingredients of an applicant tracking solution. There is software to meet all ranges of companies, from SME to Enterprise levels. Make sure that it has all the features necessary to automate as much as the process as possible, with the ability to easily generate reports and exchange data between the different modules. You should not need to patch together several programs to meet your needs. A single integrated software package is the best way to go for optimal results.