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Benefits of a Hosted Applicant Tracking Solution

Signing on to the right applicant tracking service is an important first step to take when building an effective hiring strategy. While employers are finding that the cost of a hosted solution is relatively low, more businesses than ever are using applicant tracking services to gain an edge in the ever-changing field of talent recruitment. One reason for the popularity of hosted applicant tracking is found in the impressive results it delivers. Not only are workforce gaps being rapidly filled, but the caliber of employee quality is increasing. Furthermore, employers all over can now rely upon these highly responsive systems to accommodate unforeseen events in the recruitment process. For companies of all sizes, an applicant tracking service can help to ensure a comprehensive approach to seeking the best talent available.

Up until fairly recently, Human Resources departments had relied heavily upon sorting through paper résumés in order to screen job applicants. Before the prominence of automated technology, this was a viable HR solution. Today, however, this inefficient approach can potentially cause dramatic setbacks to employers searching for key talent in the job market. But while many companies have abandoned the paper application system, underperforming tech integration is becoming a major problem for small businesses as well as global enterprises. That’s because a large number of employers are not taking advantage of the benefits offered by hosted applicant tracking.

One example of poor integration is found when a global company fails to create a corporation-wide system of applicant tracking. While the business may be able to boast of superb on-site human resources at each international location, the lack of centralized processing will limit the company’s outreach to the best talent available. In order to solve this problem, a hosted solution will bring applications from across the globe into a single database. From there, the automated system can scan through the top profiles and create potential matches to needed positions. With this system in place, businesses are more able to place the best talent in the right location, without quality prospective employees getting lost in the shuffle.

Not only does a hosted service provide the most up-to-date technology for a company’s recruitment needs, it also performs exceptionally in the area of service. Many hosts actively scout for talented employees based on predetermined qualifications laid out by the employer. The host then translates this into a targeted recruitment campaign and quickly returns a list of highly-qualified candidates for the jobs needed. By applying an individualized approach to the company’s recruitment needs, the host often is able to turn up a narrowly specified selection of quality talent. While leaving the ultimate hiring decision up to the employer, the work of the applicant tracking host makes that decision the most informed possible.

Once on-line with an applicant tracking service, a business’s HR progress can be monitored on a daily basis. This can bring the company instant recruitment results. For instance, the minute a job position opens up the appropriate applicants begin to be referenced so that recruitment begins the very same day. Due to this high level of speed and efficiency, many employers are experiencing dramatic reductions in the time it takes to hire new employees. In addition, on-line companies everywhere are seeing in the cost of recruiting once their internal inefficiencies have been rooted out.

Because the hosted server delivers responsive recruitment solutions on a day to day basis, it has proven to be indispensable when challenging circumstances arise. Unforeseen problems in applicant tracking are actually a quite common occurrence, and can range from sudden increases in the amount of people applying for jobs to sudden openings in the workforce that need to be filled immediately. Furthermore, a quickly growing company may need to accommodate newly-created job positions. Making use of an archived database, the server is able to quickly reorganize recruitment planning to align employees with job positions in the fastest, most effective way possible.