Choosing an Applicant Tracking Software

Choosing Applicant Tracking Software  
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Applicant tracking software focuses on the most important qualities that distinguish the best among those who are seeking employment. By clearly defining and monitoring the key strengths of applicants, effective tracking software is able to connect the most qualified applicants to employers. The technology pools data from a wide variety of sources, including the applicants’ profiles, CV’s, résumés, work experience, educational history, past reviews, previous employer references and samples from their portfolios. Once collected, applicant tracking software makes this process so efficient that human resources departments everywhere have been conducting more effective hiring campaigns that have yielded increased proficiency levels of workforce talent. Read more

Tracking solutions

There are many software programs that track applicants from initial contact down to the employment acceptance or rejection. The following review is a sampling of applicant tracking software that are well known and set the benchmark in performance, ease of use, and automation. These solutions are adequate for tracking applicants in an enterprise class environment as well as SME's. Read more