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Applicant tracking software focuses on the most important qualities that distinguish the best among those who are seeking employment. By clearly defining and monitoring the key strengths of applicants, effective tracking software is able to connect the most qualified applicants to employers. The technology pools data from a wide variety of sources, including the applicants’ profiles, CV’s, résumés, work experience, educational history, past reviews, previous employer references and samples from their portfolios. Once collected, applicant tracking software makes this process so efficient that human resources departments everywhere have been conducting more effective hiring campaigns that have yielded increased proficiency levels of workforce talent.

Through the demonstrated quality of the applicant tracking software’s results, business leaders everywhere are hiring with confidence. By arranging a platform through which prospective employees are able to input all of their relevant qualifications data, applicant tracking software ensures an efficient process of talent surveillance so that the top recruits are quickly identified. This software can even accommodate résumés and CV’s sent in on paper or via email; by transferring the information into the database and relaying it back to the applicant for verification, this feature allows employers to verify important information with both speed as well as ease. Because of the extreme reliability of the data ultimately presented to the employer, this software has gained the trust of HR specialists everywhere.

But not only do employers and HR generalists alike take advantage of applicant tracking for its efficiency – they depend on its responsiveness to their companies’ needs. That’s because the software is designed to create an overall applicant profile based on what matters most to employers. Work history, relevant qualifications and demonstrated experience are all important factors that key into the rating system for applicant tracking software. In addition, applicant features ranging from the certifications they may have earned in the past to their scores earned on various assessment tests are also included in the overall profile generated. By comparing the listed attributes of prospective employees to the requirements of the company, applicant tracking software makes the process of choosing top level employees clear and easy.

But how, exactly, does the software track the qualifications of job applicants? First, by taking in applicant résumés and CV’s and other relevant information on a format prearranged by the receiving employer, all of the crucial applicant data can be streamlined into a simple, universal layout scheme. In this way HR specialists are able to consolidate information and avoid the tedium of inconsistent formatting. In addition, applicant tracking software enables employers to screen prospective employees through customized questionnaires presented on the application platform. This provides the company with the unique ability to match up their incoming talent directly to their workforce requirements. Perhaps one of the most intuitive aspects of the software at this initial stage is its data accuracy assurance feature which double checks the applicants’ responses in real time, and ensures ample communication between the employer and the applicants. By tracking prospective employees’ progress throughout the application process, a company can maintain a competitive edge when vying for the best talent available.

Choosing the right applicant tracking software can be even more fine-tuned when considering the size and nature of a company’s recruitment needs. For global businesses, most applicant tracking software is available in multiple languages – even when based on one interface – so that applicants can easily submit their information in their own language. In this way, a company can thrive on a world-wide talent pool and recruit the top talent in the locations that matter.

Also, many tracking programs can go beyond recruitment to align prospective employees’ skills with the workforce’s needs. By keeping the applicant profiles up to date, readily available and relevant to the future location of hire, Human Resources specialists can quickly fill positions that open up unexpectedly. The software provides many features to implement the key metrics of applicant tracking into a comprehensive employee management strategy.