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There are many software programs that track applicants from initial contact down to the employment acceptance or rejection. The following review is a sampling of applicant tracking software that are well known and set the benchmark in performance, ease of use, and automation. These solutions are adequate for tracking applicants in an enterprise class environment as well as SME's. offers an impressive suite of applicant tracking options. They impressed us with the flexibility, scalability, and the ease of implementation. It helps you manage all facets of the recruiting process, even the management of the jobs section of your website. Now that's what we call thorough. The online system is perfect for the small to medium size business but is scalable to easily manage Enterprise class applicant management. offers impressive Candidate Management capabilities. Featuring an online candidate database, allows you to easily integrate your careers website so that all applications are instantly added and processed. It features smart touches like a filter that catches duplicates.

Centralized and Automated Candidate Tracking integrates every stage of the tracking candidates, from scheduling interviews to generating letters. Perfect for the dynamic organization that receives many employment applications, it allows you to focus on finding the right candidate.

We strongly recommend for tracking and managing applicant data. It is essential to the growing organization. Because of it's reasonable price, and the convenience of their offerings, we award this product five stars and a hearty recommendation.
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WWW MONSTER COM is one of the original applicant screening websites on the web. Some of the complaints have more to do with how successful they have been. For instance, some people have complained that there are too many applicants. That may be a strange complaint to have for some people, but I think that what they were reacting to was a flood of applicants from people who may not have read the job descriptions.

Monster seems to have cleaned that up considerably over the years so it's fair to say that is an easy place to go find potential employees to hire quickly for the cheapest amount of money. Indeed, monster is the perhaps the easiest way to find quality employees. While not a free recruiting website, it's as close to free as you can get, and you certainly will receive more bang for your buck recruiting employees with a minimum of effort.
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